We present you Wuanap.
The Smart Lifesaving Collar that prevents you from drowning.

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Wuanap detects 7 problems so it would inflate automatically to keep your head above the water, with the aim of regaining consciousness and breathing yourself.

  1. Unconsciousness

  2. Immobility

  3. Seizure of epilepsy

  4. Panic attack

  5. Limit apnea exceedance

  6. I scream under the water

  7. Manual button pressure


It is extremely comfortable due to its flexibility of non-electronic materials that clothe the state-of-the-art technology that it has inside, acting as the brain of Wuanap.


Two years ago we patented the technology in the United States, and later in the rest of the world. Since then we have worked on the prototype and final design of the product that will change the safety in the water of any person.


It is suitable for any water sport, with the sole exception of scuba diving with a cylinder, due to the change in pressure that could generate rising too quickly to the surface when Wuanap inflates.