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Wuanap Pro
The Smart Lifecollar

Comfortable, smart and aesthetic

Wuanap is designed to be the only drowning prevention safety system for any water sport, with the exception of tank diving.

Designed to

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Single production for 2022

If you are interested in getting a Wuanap Pro, it is important that you know that we will only carry out one production for summer 2022 with the units ordered in our next Indiegogo campaign.

Units limited to $ 149

Only those units previously reserved paying $ 1 before the start of the campaign will have access to a discount of $ 150 on the final price of $ 299.


You will receive a secret benefit discount link on launch day to ensure you are one of the first 100 people to get Wuanap Pro at the best price we will ever offer.


Ask the inventor directly any questions you have about Wuanap Pro through our private community for those who have made the reservation of $ 1


The patented SmartLifecollar technology

Thanks to our complex algorithm, Wuanap only inflates automatically if it detects any of these 6 cases:

1. Unconsciousness
2. Immobility
3. Seizure of epilepsy
4. panic attack
5. Overrun breath-holding
6. Press a manual button

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Wuanap Pro inflates automatically in different scenarios

Wuanap Pro inflates automatically in different scenarios

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Wuanap is so comfortable that you won't even know you're wearing it , allowing you to perform any activity in the water that requires you to move freely both outside and in the water.

Wuanap will not activate simply because you are diving, or because you have a fall for any reason.

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Whether we are conscious or unconscious in the water, our brain blocks the glottis to make it impossible for us to breathe water, as it happens to any mammal.

If we remain unconscious, our brain goes into survivor mode for 30 seconds , keeping our glottis blocked so that we do not breathe water as long as it has enough oxygen in the blood to manage the heart and the brain itself.

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Our patented SmartLifecollar technology will activate the inflation system in less than 3 seconds from when the problem has been detected, so that the user's airway rises to the surface as quickly as possible.

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Once our brain detects that our airways are free of water, it will unblock our glottis even if we are unconscious and then the user himself will regain breathing and consciousness autonomously, without the need for any type of external resuscitation.

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When Wuanap inflates we must remain calm, swim to a safe place, and once we are safe and calm, calmly remove the collar.

Once inflated, we can swim without problem, even diving with it to avoid waves below.

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If Wuanap has been inflated it is because we have gone through a critical moment that we were not aware of, and if you take it off and start to pan it will have been useless.

It does not bother anything and much less tightens the neck . It is designed to stay with it inflated in the water for days if necessary or we cannot reach a safe place soon.

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Enjoy the water every second and reach new limits whether you are a beginner or an expert

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