Forget about the risk of drowning while in the water and just worry about enjoying yourself! Reserve your Wuanap now and get a 40% discount

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Wuanap is intended to be the safety system for any water sport, with the exception of tank diving.

Why do we say that Wuanap is smart?

The Lifecollar has flexible materials such as neoprene, to make it very comfortable for the user. But under the hood, everything is driven by the latest generation electronic technology.

As long as Wuanap is not activated and inflates automatically due to a problem it has detected, it is very thin and flexible, allowing you all the necessary movements

Only if you've been knocked unconscious or have another serious problem Wuanap will puff up and not look very sexy ... but it will have prevented you from drowning! Yeah !!

Our patented SmartLifecollar technology will activate the inflation system in less than 3 seconds after the problem has been detected, so that the user's airways , even if unconscious, remain free of water and the user himself breathes and regains consciousness of autonomously, without the need for any type of external resuscitation.

Thanks to our complex algorithm, Wuanap only inflates automatically if it detects any of the 7 cases that we have identified as extreme danger:
Unconsciousness, Immobility, Seizure of epilepsy, panic attack, breath-holding surpassed, screaming underwater and pressing a manual button.

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Sad data that we want to change.

people die from drowning every year.
drowning deaths every hour, every day.
most important cause of accidental death.