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How it works

Wuanap® has patented technology, divided into two essential parts:

the brain and the automatic and manual inflation system.


Step 01

SmartLifeCollar® is the combined technology of two patents that allows the necklace to measure the user and their environment at all times to know what is happening.


Step 04

Once inflated, Wuanap® is designed so that the airways are always above the water level, allowing consciousness and breathing to recover autonomously, since the brain holds several seconds under the water without breathing after becoming unconscious. This way you will not need external resuscitation.


Step 02

Our motherboard detects if we are facing a danger to start the inflation of the collar automatically if it detects the following: Unconsciousness, immobility, panic attack, seizures, exceeding the user's apnea limit


Step 05

I don't know

Wuanap® will issue a GPS signal to the nearest health services advising of the accident, and to all nearby users who also have Wuanap or its application. In this way the user will be able to get help from the nearby community.


Step 03

Wuanap® has a patented inflation system that does not use CO2 or compressed air bottles, with the aim of being comfortable, flexible, and safe.


Step 06

Once the Wuanap® lifecollar is activated, it is not necessary to buy another complete one, but you can reuse the electronic box of the used necklace, and implant it very easily in a replacement, saving 70% of the price.

In this way, we contribute to sustainability and avoid disposing of electronic materials.

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